We carry a selection of wine juices and concentrates, equipment and additives for the home winemaker. If you do not see what you need listed, please inquire. We would be happy to order it for you, subject to availability. Winemaking with concentrates is as easy as following the instructions on the Ingredient package using one of our WINEMAKING EQUIPMENT KITS.

TO PURCHASE A WINE EQUIPMENT KIT: Either come into our store to pick up your equipment kit and free advice, or click on the equipment option below to email us. Tell us your ZipCode, and include a phone number. We'll give you a personalized quote for the Deluxe Wine Beginner's Equipment Kit, or the Wine All-Glass Fermentation Option.

OR just call us at 215-569-9469. We'll give you a personalized quote, and we can take your credit card info on the phone so you can start your wine making shortly.
Deluxe Equipment Kit
7 Gallon Primary Plastic Fermenter, w/ Drilled Lid Airlock with Stoppers    
6 Gallon Glass Secondary Fermentor Hydrometer (w/testing tube)    
Siphon hose w/clamp Racking Tube    
Bottle Filler Corker and Corks    
Wine Handbook      

Ultimate Glass Kit includes:
Everything from the Deluxe Equipment Kit above but with
6.5 Gallon Glass Primary Fermentor, 6 Gallon Glass Secondary.


Besides a large variety of in-stock wine kits, from reds to whites to blush and fruit, we will also special order 23 or 15 Liter Aseptic Bags of juice or blends. These are available in California or New York State grape varietals or other fruit varieties. Manufacturers vary according to availability. Check with us for more specifics. Price is dependent upon the size of the kit and varietal.

For more info on the kits available, check out Spagnol’s web site at The site will also list the current ‘RQ’ kit selection.

We also take pre-orders for fresh juices in season. Selection, availability and price vary from year to year. Ask for the year’s current list, usually available the end of August into September. These juices are by pre-order ONLY. (All juices subject to availability. All Prices Subject to Change.)

Wine Supplies
in our

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