Welcome to the world of brewing! To make your first batch (2.5 gallons - 1 case - for the Half-Batch size or 5 gallons - 2 cases - for the Full-Batch of beer), you will need one of our (A) Equipment Kits and one of our (B) preassembled Ingredient Packages.

TO PURCHASE A BEER EQUIPMENT KIT: Either come into our store to pick up your equipment kit and free advice, or click on the equipment option below to email us. Tell us your ZipCode, and include a phone number. We'll give you a personalized quote for the Standard Beginners Beer Equipment Kit in the FULL or HALF size, the Deluxe Beginner's Beer Equipment Kit, or the Beer All-Glass Fermentation Option.

OR just call us at 215-569-9469. We'll give you a personalized quote, and we can take your credit card info on the phone so you can start brewing shortly.
(A-Full Batch) BEER EQUIPMENT KITS - FULL for 5 gallons of beer
Beginner's Equipment Kit


7 Gallon Fermenter, w/ Lid 7 Gallon Bottling Bucket    
Airlock and Stopper Hydrometer (w/testing tube)    
5 ft siphon hose w/clamp 24" Racking Tube    
Bottle Filler Bottle Capper & Caps    
Brewing Instructions Beer Recipe    

NEW!! (A-Half Batch) BEER EQUIPMENT KITS - HALF-BATCH for 2.5 gallons of beer
Beginner's Equipment Kit

FREE BREW 101 CLASS GIFT CERTIFICATE included with every Half-Batch Kit! Certificate valid through Dec, 2017.
Our new half-pint version of our basic beer brewing kit is perfect for small spaces, with no sacrifice in flavor or quality. You'll make 2.5 gallons of beer in the 3.5 gallon fermenter. The equipment kit contains all the hardware you need to brew one case of beer.

Half-batch Ingredient packs are available or recipes are easily adaptable from any standard five gallon recipe and you get enough beer for your labor. (Also useful for splitting a standard size batch into two for experimental brewing.) Ingredient Packs start at $21.95. See below.


Deluxe Equipment Kit includes: $99.95
Everything from the FULL-BATCH Beginner's Equipment Kit above PLUS
GLASS CARBOY UPGRADE (replaces 1 of the buckets) with gum stopper and blow-off hose. $5.00 additional shipping charge.
All-Glass Fermentation Option
This is the Ultimate Kit!
Ask us about it.

Beginner's Half-Batch PubKit Ingredients
contain malt, brewing yeast, priming sugar and hops - all pre-measured and easy to use - to create 2.5 gallons (1 case) of an all malt, world class beer. We'll work with you to develop your own recipes in your future brewing.

NOTE: We'll make these half-batch ingredient packages able to be purchased online in the near future. Until then, just call 215.569.9469 or email us!
Gluten-free American Pale Ale
Gluten-free classic APA
Includes gluten-free yeast

California Blonde A left-coast session IPA $21.95 
Golden Light A UK pale ale $21.95 
Rye Pale Ale A Rye pale ale $21.95 
Amber Ale A Hoppy California amber $21.95 
Traditional Dark A malt forward UK brown ale $21.95 

Beginner's Full-Batch PubKit Ingredients
contain malt, brewing yeast, priming sugar and hops - all pre-measured and easy to use - to create 5 gallons of an all malt, world class beer. We'll work with you to develop your own recipes in your future brewing.
Kap'n Trips Kolsch A deep golden crisp German style Ale $39.95 
Oompah Altbier Traditional malty Dusseldorf style Copper Ale $39.95
Golden Road Extra Pale Ale, West Coast style Gold Ale $39.95
Pirate's Gold Ale British Pale Ale $39.95
Amber Waves American style Amber Ale $39.95
Wascal Wheat Bavarian style HefeWeizen $39.95
Dark Star Nut Brown Ale $39.95
NEW! Ramble on Rye Rye Pale Ale $39.95
NEW! Onkel Fester German style Festbier $39.95
NEW! Brother Thomas Abbey style malty Brown Ale $39.95
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Our Intermediate Brewing Recipe Packages are partial grain/extract beers. Our exclusive recipes come with complete and easy instructions. They can be brewed by anyone at the intermediate brewing level. Beginners seeking the next level will not be intimidated, but all grain brewers looking for a quick batch will appreciate their convenience. They do *not* include bottle caps. They do contain suitable amounts of malt extract, pre-measured specialty grains, hops, priming sugar and yeast. However, if you prefer a liquid yeast culture, the appropriate yeast is available for the nominal upgrade fee.

We can ship an intermediate brewing recipe package to you via UPS. The $17.95 shipping/handling fee includes insurance. Yes, we know that's an extra cost, but you *will* get your brewing supplies delivered to your door!

If you'd like to order an intermediate brewing recipe package on-line and then pick it up in the store, just tell us "I'll pick it up" in the comment section at checkout, and we'll refund the shipping fee with Bonus Beer Bucks when you come in!

If you'd like to give someone a beer brewing recipe package as a gift, and have them pick it up at their convenience at our store, consider a gift certificate! Gift certificates are available in a variety of amounts at the bottom of each page; if you'd like a different amount, call or email us and we can take your payment information over the phone.
The British Isles:
English Pale Ale Now with Maris Otter! $50.95
ESB Now with Maris Otter! $55.25
Nut Brown Ale Now with Maris Otter! $49.95
Oatmeal Stout $49.95
Choose British Isles Package

North America:
Autumn Imperial Amber Ale   (showcases clover honey, OG Turbinado sugar and Simco hops)
WAS $59.95     NOW $47.95     While Supplies Last!!
Pilgrim's Pride Pumpkin Olde Ale $58.95
American Beauty Pre-Prohibition Lager$48.95
California Blonde Ale $51.95
American Brown$48.95
Honey Brown $49.95
NEW! Philly Special! $49.95
Choose N. American Pkg from Above

North America:
Cherry, Apricot or Raspberry Wheat   (Now with Honey!)
(Tell us your fruit preference in the comment section at checkout.)
American IPA $48.95
Rye IPA $48.95
Double IPA $65.50
Black IPA/ Cascadia Ale $48.95
NEW! White IPA $49.95
Choose N. American Pkg from Above

NEW! Belgian Honey Saison$52.95
NEW! Rye Wheat Saison$47.75
Smoked Dopplebock$58.95
Roggen Bier - German Rye Ale$40.95
NEW! Belgian Chocolate Stout$49.95
Choose European Package

LITERARY SERIES: From the cover story of Mother Earth New's Twenty Fifth Anniversary issue, these are our renditions of some frequently requested beer clones. They're our own recipes, not affiliated with the breweries, whom we hold in the highest regard.
American Brown Ale Pete’s Wicked Ale Clone $44.95
Golden Lager Style Sam Adams Boston Lager Clone $48.95
American Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone $48.95
NEW! GLUTEN-FREE American Pale Ale Gluten-Free Classic APA $39.95
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"THIRST OF PHILADELPHIA": Named in honor of some of Philly's best beer bars! These beer kits make great gifts or souvenirs of Philadelphia.
London Grill Porter A full bodied, robust porter, in the distinguished style of the London Grill. $42.95
Khyber Pass IPA A bracing British IPA, as rugged as the Khyber. $55.95
Jose Pistola's Belgian White (wit) Ale Complex, intriguing. Our version of a 'Session Beer' -- a classic Belgian White Beer. The beer you keep coming back to. $46.95
Bards Irish Stout Mother's Milk, translated across the pond. $41.95
Jack's Firehouse Red As Jack's motto says, "lay on the floor and do everything the nice fireman tells you..."; a coppery red ale, hopped in the American style. $48.95
Silk City Wheat Like Silk City itself, a Bavarian -style wheat beer that goes with the flow. $49.95
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The Abbaye Belgian Abbey Style We had to brew a strong, malty abbey dubbel style beer in honor of this feisty Northern Liberties tavern. Bottle with oxygen barrier caps, as aging for at least a year is possible. A liquid yeast is recommended.

Sugar Mom's Old Ale Funky, interesting, intoxicating, ... wait, that's sugar mom's bartenders. No, really, a soothing old ale that sneaks in a punch. $48.95
Bridgid’s Belgian Pale Ale Comforting, yet exotic, this is a beer you can visit every day, like Bridgid's. A belgian pale ale that's so drinkable, yet complex. $56.95
Monk's Tripel An enticing Belgian tripel, pale and deceptively powerful. This beer will captivate you, just as the 'Brussels Spouts' do at Monk's. $67.95
Nodding Head Scotch Ale Powerfully smoky and malty, this rendition will have you nodding your head in delight! $51.95
George's Fault! The homebrew version of Nodding Head's Great American Beer Festival Gold-Medal winning Belgian grand cru style beer! Was $77.95
SALE: $63.25
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Shipping a Beer Brewing Ingredient and Recipe Package

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Shipping a Beer Brewing Ingredient and Recipe Package


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