We Help Make Your Brewing Tasty and Easy

We understand that you might have some questions about starting to brew beer.   "What equipment do I really need? ", "What ingredients go together to make the kind of beer that I like?", and "How do I make sure that I don't forget to buy something and ruin my whole batch?".

HAVE NO FEAR! HomeSweet Homebrew has put together beer equipment kits and beer ingredient packages for you, and they're great for beginners and experienced beer brewers! Our beer ingredient packages have tried and true proportions and blends, and remove the guesswork.

The beer equipment kits and the beer ingredient kits on our beer store page.

Looking for a beer style that's different than our ingredient packages? No problem! At Home Sweet Homebrew, we're happy to help you. And we suggest checking out George's new book "The Complete Homebrew Beer Book", with over 200 recipes.

Buy it online (right - personally autographed with Free Shipping in the continental US) or come in to discuss your beer brewing with George.

Here's Dad of Divas' review of George Hummel's "The Complete Homebrew Beer Book".

George's Autographed "The Complete Homebrew Beer Book", PLUS an Equipment Kit, PLUS an Ingredient Kit for $150
Everything you'll need is here.

George Hummel and Nancy Rigberg are celebrating 25 years at Home Sweet Homebrew and offer you a Gift Package. $150 includes tax; add $35 for shipping/handling to UPS Zone 2. Contact us for shipping info to further destinations. You can save money by picking up these goodies at the store - and we'd love to meet you!

Choose from 7 beer ingredient packages, where George and Nancy have taken the guesswork out of choosing ingredients. $150 for George's autographed book, an equpiment kit and your choice of these ingredient kits.

Ingredient Kit Choices for the Gift Package:

George Hummel with The Complete Homebrew Beer Book.

"The Complete Homebrew Beer Book"
$24.95 with FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.

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GIFT CERTIFICATES:  Our gift certificates take the guesswork out of what to give! You can order a gift certificate in popular amounts below, or contact us for a different dollar amount. Click on the "Mail to this Person, not me" link at checkout to have us mail it directly. (NOTE that later in checkout, it'll say the certificate will be mailed to you, but don't worry - we'll send it to the address you specify.)

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